CWL Quilt of Life for Hospice

Dear Phillip,

Greetings once more.

It was wonderful of you to come yesterday to our final drive to
complete our  "CWL Quilt of Life for Hospice" since our AGM
presentation. I just needed to have a handful of ladies to do the
final honours yesterday, some of whom you met as they were
leaving.The now completed quilt carries the names of all the ladies
who had worked so diligently and lovingly for such a worthy cause as your hospice at St.Martha's Hospital to kick off the centennial
celebrations of CWL in Canada 2020.

It is kind of you to allow us to send our quilt to PEI in August for
our CWL National Convention as requested at our AGM..{.for display only.} It would make a wonderful display heralding the procession of the Provincial lap-quilts which are to be donated to the Hospice in Charlottetown, according to the latest National News bulletin....if that is the wish of our National President.

Our quilt is a testament of what "group effort" given most
lovingly, can achieve. I am so proud of our St. Ninian's CWL ladies, and I am truly honoured to have been their President for the past two years. I shall remember with great fondness the two wonderful years I spent as President of our St. Ninian's Council, more especially for the friendships, cooperation in all my endeavours in guiding the Council, and the love that was showered upon me during my mandate. >>> I'll say that I am truly blest and honoured. Thank you too, Phillip,  for your total cooperation and guidance in this special project for Hospice.

As requested by you, I am sending you the final pictures I took
yesterday....they speak of more than words can tell. This completes
the full set of pictures from start to finish.

Much love to you and Simone from all of us In CWL, for the wonderful work you both are doing to ease human suffering in the world, especially in our community. Keep up the great work you are doing.

You know Phillip, when you played the part of Jesus in my
Resurrection Jazz cantata  with my St. Ninian's Children's Choir at
Easter Mass, some years ago, little did you know that you would one day be called to His ministry, did you?. You had portrayed Him so beautifully and He rewarded you....a special calling, my friend. You will make a great priest.

God Bless.