Mike and Yvette's 49th Wedding Anniversary

My Dearest Family and Friends, Greetings from Antigonish.

Yesterday was a wonderful day with full sunshine and 30 degree temperatures...such a contrast to 1968's pouring rain from 8.00am to 10.00am ...when we went to church with umbrellas and drenched train and shoes, dashing from limo to the church doors...Mass was at 8.00...and then the sun came out in all its glory...blessings from heaven my Dad said. How right he was.

Yesterday, 49 years later we had the sun first and then came the rain....and we continue to count our blessings in having all of you in our lives....amidst flowers and telephone calls and cards and e-mails.....simply wonderful...muchas gracias ! 

Our day started with Mass at 9.00am...and wonder of wonders, the readings were all on Marriage including my most favorite Psalm 127 .... O Blessed are those who fear the Lord and Walk in His Ways ... with "may you see your children's children...." in one of the verses ....! The day...the Mass... was surely ours as we were transported to Mombasa of yore. Can you believe it ... 49 years??? ... and Father Joe told everyone at Mass of our Anniversary. We felt so at one with the congregation we have come to know and love over 49 years amidst spontaneous clapping for us. 

The next surprise came at 11.00am when our friend Lila Corbett, Chis's[Jim's] mother dropped in with a dozen red roses to greet us. She had attended Mass and had heard, and so she came. What a wonderful surprise. We had tea and sandwiches on the deck as we recounted the many years of friendship and family ties.... Jim is Mike's brother.

And the at supper time we had supper on the deck with Father Joe who has been transferred to Louisdale and will be leaving us soon.

We certainly will miss Father Joe. Wish you could all meet him.

Annabel and Alec celebrated their 47th on the 6th and they too are blest as are we and all of you our dearest family and friends. May God continue to bless and protect us all the days of our lives.

Take care all of you and much love to all of you. Hope you'll be able to drop in for a cuppa on the deck soon... we make good tea.

Yvette and Mike