Book Credits Received

1. Hey Mom,

Good luck tonight!  Call us after you get home and give me a report on your launch!  I'm sure it will be great! Your Book is GREAT.
Love Joe,Kelly,Patrick & Heather 

2. Wow Mom ! That's so exciting and so much work. And you didn't breathe a word of this to us all this time!

You must be very happy with the results. I saw in the pictures there was one of you at the library. I was wondering if they had a copy.So cool. For your Book Launch you will have to do a reading - not the whole thing but an excerpt. You'll have to find a good passage. And yes, speak from the heart of the what led you to write it and your experiences in Zanzibar. Personally that is the most interesting part of the book - the historical parts about Zanzibar and your life there.

CONGRATULATIONS. We're so very proud of you and are looking forward to receiving our copy. I'm sure it will become a bedtime favorite in this house.

Anna, David, Mikaela and Sophia

Thanks for the update on the launch. Now I feel like I was there. Anna

Looks like it will be a very interesting and enjoyable experience for all those who attend your Book Launch. Break a leg. Let us know how it goes.
Love from Ottawa

4. Yvette,/ Mom
Me and the kids opened your beautiful present of your book to our family the other day. You can see the curiosity and interest on their faces, and Joseph's pleasure at seeing his painting in print.
It really is a wonderful thing to see your book published. We will treasure it forever.
Much love,
Debra, Aleixo, Joseph and Rachel

5. Good luck Yvette ! You won't need it one bit. I know you will read beautifully and the book speaks for itself. So just enjoy yourself!
Much love.

6. Dear Yvette,
This is such a wonderful time in your life! I am sure the Holy Spirit will give you the words that need to be said on the occasion of your Book Launch.
I just reread your amazing story, and again I was touched by so much of what you have created in your book.
Love and prayers to you and Mike.
Father Ray.

7. Dearest Yvette,
Your book is very interesting and I read all about your choir and all you have done . You are certainly an all-round silent GENIUS with unlimited talents so keep it up as this will always keep you young with all your musical, writing skills , and now a super publisher. What's next?

Betty and I are so proud that your book is now in the National Library and Archives of Canada in Ottawa. Great !  Fame is following you.

Love and Congratulations from Betty and me.
Benny and Betty

8. Dearest Yvette,
Heartiest Congratulations! Thank you for your fabulous , imaginative, beautifully presented and illustrated children's book.
Knew you could do it.
Best wishes for your continued success.
Love and God Bless
Alexander and Annabella.

9. Hi Yvette,
Good news about your book. We read your book with great interest and loved it. Congratulations. Thank you for your lovely Book  as wedding gift. We'll treasure it. Hope you have great success with the sales.
Jerome and Ann

Yvette, you are super -extraordinary. I take my hat off to you....Ann.

10.Morning Yvette,

I hope your book launch went wonderfully well.  I've read about 100 pages of your book, and hope to finish it tonight when I go over to David and Anna's to look after the lovelies.  It is a wonderful read with lovingly rendered illustrations.  In fact, it seems to me to be a genuine labour of love from start to finish.  Congratulations on this wonderful gift to family and friends.

Love, Barbara Lewis

11. Hi Yvette,

Thank you for sharing your lovely book with me today. I have a few tentative dates for you for your launch January 23rd or 30th and you could follow up with a children's event on the weekend. I will tentatively set these dates aside for you.

I also have a copy of the Globe and Mail for you, from Tuesday, I found the article :)


Kristel Fleuren-Hunter
Antigonish Librarian/Children's Services Librarian
Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library

P.S. The Globe and Mail refers to our son Aleixo's work at Sick Kid's Hospital in Toronto where he is a Pediatric Gastroenterologist Consultant , in the cure of a very ill child from NewFoundland who was saved with bone marrow transplantation. See attached Newspaper cutting and website. We are ever so proud of our young doctor.

Aleixo Muise MD, PHD, FRCPC, Clinician-scientist, Division of Gastronterology.

12. Dear Yvette,

I got here a little while ago  and  there it was with the mail at my doorstep

Usually regular mail is in a small mailbox on the street below - we have a long driveway  in a wooded  area

There is just so much to enjoy and discover  I looked at the leaflet and the Card and it is all so beautiful  and  The book just astounding in beauty and artistry- penmanship-  what a work of love-  that my own grandchildren  and children can enjoy as the story of their Grandparents!..

God be praised for your wonderful talents, and the grace you used to use them..  I shall savor every moment of reading it through.  Next two days I am busy  with  a surprise B day party for my son in law - but then. and I am sure Francesca  here  and my  family in Vancouver will enjoy it too and maybe get a copy.  I certainly will urge them to as  well as  family in London

 It has been a thrilling time of anticipation and met my deepest expectations.  What a glorious way to start the new year and remember Zanzibar on the anniversary of what was a sad sorrowful time-
The Lord has turned sorrow into joy  for those who hoped in His goodness

God Bless
Till next time much love to you and Mike
Hazel Cardozo

13. Dear  Yvette

Finally my first two 'quiet days'  came.  I just finished my first careful reading and know I must do it again a second time soon !

I have felt the power and presence of Our Beloved Lord and Savior from the very first  moment you invited into this is no co incidence that normally I would be anxious about Bosco taking such a long hectic trip all the way to Australia -but after three great days in London he did it and called from Perth today - Meeting with our Best Man from Mombasa (Dr Caetano Quadros) will bring all that going to Irish Medical School experience back again  and others from Mombasa and East Africa will follow..but back to your book...

You have combined teaching the history and geography of Zanzibar-  with mystical truth and woven it into a family story with such deep emotion- so much love  in all descriptions -I  was swept away into the beauty of it.  Pure grace.
I do love my own family in that intense way  and am so happy I lived so close to you all, all those long years ago.

The artistic detail is superb- and your Hero figure so beautifully presented in all his many settings.
By the way many years ago my first return to the world I felt totally cut off from -  was a video on Public TV on the Red Colobus Monkey of Zanzibar and I sent for it and have it still.

I never visited Walezo ever  -  nor was too aware  of Jozani  - only Kizimbani ..  I see that Benito's  love for nature and the sea is  very deep too as is your gift of music  What a family you are...

Yes suddenly it came to me about the names written backwards  so I enjoyed the  masterful way to retell the age old beloved story of Our Faith and God which is a prime source of my life and love on earth.

Yes it is clear you are that Blessed  Ettei  given a special mission and have understood your call and  lived it  all these years. A great daughter of the Lord and His Church His precciosu Holy Family St Joseph and Our Lady- and your own Family and now a great Mom and Teacher-Friend  Team with Mike  A great model for us all.

May God abundantly bless you and  all who accept your book with grace and blessings God intends

Love to Mike and yourself.

with great admiration and gratitude I know you
Hazel Cardoza

14. Hello Yvette,
Congratulations on your book. I will savour the reading. Best of luck at your book launch. Will call you tonight.

15.Hai  dear Mike &yuette  muise

First  of  all  i  wish  you  aHAPPY  CHRISTMAS  AND  A  PROSPEROUS  NEW  YEAR

I  am  safe  in  my  place  and I  celebrated  Christmas  with  my
parishioners  and  I  visited  my  parents  and  celebrated with them.

How  was  the  book  releasing  ceremony ?  We  want to  get  one  copy.

thank you very  much  for  all the  love  and  support
Thank you  very  much  and  God  bless  you.  samuel

16.Dear Yvette:

I hope that you and your family had a great Christmas.

Norbert sent me a note informing me that you had published your book.  What a wonderful gift for posterity.

Congratulations on this singular achievement.

Winter has arrived as almost a new experience since Margaret and I have been spending the last twenty years since our retirement in Goa.  We usually left Canada on the 1st of November and returned in mid-march.  Unfortunately, as we have aged we find the trip far too tiresome (it takes almost 32 hours to get to Goa) so we have decided to call it quits.  We now intend spending some time in the islands down south.

Hope that you and the family are well.  Congratulations once again.

George Pereira

17.Congratulations Yvette!!
Sounds and looks like quite an undertaking and accomplishment. Nothing of quality comes without sacrifice, determination and focus. Wonderful way to end one year and begin another.

Kind regards,
Larry Starzomski

18.Congrats Yvette. Wishing you all the very best in this your great venture. Am in Panama and will be exploring the country for a few weeks. Happy New year and Godbless . With much love to you and Mike.
Norbert de Souza

19.Hey Author Yvette:
Thanks for including me in this circulation.
Butterflies are a good sign.  The poster looks good.  Speak from the heart and let your emotions show - genuine people do this.
I hope the event is a hit and your book becomes a best seller.
Carlos Mascarehnas

20. Hi Yvette,

In reference to last night's Book Launch:-
Now you must place the credit where it belongs - You and Rabiznaz were superlative! Your attention to every detail made it such a success. You should be so proud!

I have attached the final draft of my speech for whatever purpose you wish.

Catherine MavNeil-MacDonald , Barrister

21.Hi Yvette,

I think the event went very well. Everyone seemed happy and it was a good balance of presenting the book and having an opportunity for people to talk to you one on one. I'm happy the Casket could attend and Richard's write-up was very nice. Having your friends there to help was a big help indeed. It always gets rushed if you don't have people on hand to help.

If you would like to arrange for a children's event, we can certainly set this up. The children could meet Rabiznaz, perhaps do a craft, etc. I'm not in on Saturdays but I could help with the arrangements and have another staff person on hand to assist you. Let me know what you would like to do.


Kristel Fleuren-Hunter
Antigonish Librarian/Children's Services Librarian
Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library

My dearest Yvette,

Below is the email I sent you when I first received your email about your book.  It was sitting idly in my draft folder and only today when I opened it I realized that you would not have received my email.

'I am so thrilled to hear about your published book.  You are so talented, in so many ways.  God knew what he was doing when he blessed you with these talents - you would use them wisely.  I am proud to have you as my lasting friend.  Mum and Dad must be smiling down at you and saying Thats my girl.

God bless you Yvette and keep sharing your talents

With fondest love

Mabel' Pooran

23.Dear  Yvette

I just got home from another trip away

I did love all your news and am so glad all went well last week. Sorry I had no time to reply as this weekend Feb 2/3 required much prep.

Yes I meant what I said/  wrote about your work - and you can do whatever you wish- with it

Blessings on all that follows
Hazel  Cardozo

24. Hi, Yvette,

Hope this reaches you--every time that I send it, it comes back saying that it cannot be delivered.

Congratulations on your book launch!  You had a good crowd and it was lovely to hear the children singing, and see Rabiznaz sitting in his bush.

I am sorry that I could not attend the whole evening--I had come from the book launch at StFX of a close colleague and had a sick husband at home, so about 1/2 hr was about all I could spare.  You seemed to have everything well in hand.

I'm glad that it went well.

Now...what next???

Tila Kellman

25.Hello Yvette,
Just a few words to wish you all the very best tomorrow with your tooth implant. I will be thinking of you and will pray for you all day so that God may ease your pain. Ok?
It was nice talking to you yesterday and about all your adventures with your beautiful book! It was a wonderful experience for you. I forgot to tell you that your dress was lovely and you looked very nice in the book as well as on the day of your book launch!
As you requested, I will read your book again...but after six months? Then it will feel like reading a new book all over again!
Take care tomorrow and I will call Mike in the evening to find out how you are doing. Do not worry about talking to me...I will understand as you probably will have some pain and numbness.
All the best Yvette and special prayers for you tomorrow.
Much love and hugs,

26.Hi Yvette, Congratulations on your amazing creative achievement- the publishing of your dream " Rabiznaz.
We look forward to enjoying reading your book.
You are truly amazing.
Terry & Wanda

27. Dear Yvette,
Congratulations on publishing your book !
I would just love to read it. So sorry I wasn't able to attend the launch.
With great admiration.
Mary MacDonald

28.And,  + + + :- NUMEROUS phone calls received from friends and relatives far and near including The Catholic Women's League of Canada here, and with several  wonderful letters from VIP's received....may be revealed later.

29. Dear Yvette

Hazel and Bosco spent a week with us, just before Easter, and we enjoyed quality time together.

Hazel very kindly presented me with your book "Rabiznaz" for which I am very grateful.

What a fantastic work of art, you really excelled, and must congratulate you. I shall treasure it and will be proud to show it to our family, including grandchildren, who will most certainly learn more about Zanzibar and our upbringing in that beautiful island. 

Thank you for all your effort and patience
in producing this book.

God bless