Yvette - AGM Meeting

Dear Margaret Ann, and Peggy,

Greetings in this combined e-mail to you both.

How wonderful it was to see, and welcome you both to our AGM Festivities, as I called them, yesterday. Your combined presences together with that of Dr. Cooper, Terry O'Toole and our very own CWL dignitaries and clergy, made for a wonderful and festive occasion.

Thank you so much for coming to grace us with your presence. It was tremendous. Little did I think that you would actually be with us when I first sent you the pictures of our Quilt with an invitation
saying, " You are most welcome to attend our AGM, distance and
weather permitting.".... My dear friend......... the Holy Spirit must
have had a hand in this for sure. Miracles are happening all around us. Right?

So glad, you liked our Quilt of Life.... me thinks it stole the
show....and the ladies who had worked on it , together with the whole assembly were ever so proud of it, as was I.

Wonderful that it is going to National, In Prince Edward Island in  August ! What an honour for us all !!!

As I was saying Farewell as President, I wanted to make our AGM very special and memorable for our CWL and Parish.... you will both, as teachers, understand this , for we as teachers always want to make it grand for our students and for the community at large. I guess this carries on even when we retire and are called to be leaders as Presidents....ever the teacher...ever the giver !

The red roses to two very special ladies, Shirley MacDougall and
Catherine Mary MacNeil-MacDonald, in CWL took my breath and emotions away, and thus took away my attention for a minute, as I said farewell to them. My report will tell you all about how my heart was feeling yesterday. God was with me, and I'm sure the Holy Spirit was there too with me every step of the way, for I had asked God, The Holy Spirit and Jesus, to be with me even as I had written it in my place-name card , which I had written the night before.

My report with all the pictures were my personal gift to CWL and the wonderful ladies it was my pleasure to work with these past two
years. I know it was a different and unusual kind of report but it
was to be a souvenir gift to my beloved CWL. My imagination knows no bounds as all here will attest to.

My bionic knees have read me the riot act so I must take a wee rest,
if that is at all possible with me.... I shall do my very best just the same.

Thanks again my dear sisters in the League. Keep up the marvellous work you are doing for the League, even as I share the following quote from Teresa of Lisieux....my saint since my youth, compliments of Mother Mary Seward of the Sisters of Africa, where I taught at their school in Mombasa Kenya before coming to Canada with Mike my soul-mate and husband in 1968 when we were married and Mike brought home me to his homeland in God's country Cape Breton.....:-

." You know enough that Our Lord does not look so much at the
greatness of our actions, nor even at their difficulty, but at the
love with which we do them. "

Take care my dear friends and God bless.

Cheerie bye for now and much love.

Yvette Muise
Past President as of yesterday 26th February 2017
St. Ninian's CWL Council